Bridlewild Trails Association

What is the BTA?

Trail Sign

Bridlewild Trails Association is an active local organization which encourages appreciation of Lower Merion's remarkable natural environment and resources. More than 500 families support this nonprofit community group which maintains and preserves the Township's many miles of walking/riding trails, as well as its natural open-space sites.

Bridlewild Trails Association is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, publicly supported organization. All memberships, donations, and gifts are very much appreciated and are used to maintain and preserve our trails.

Whom does it serve?

The trails system, created in 1927 by the riders of the Gladwyne Hunt, benefits all our nature-loving members; hikers and strollers seeking birds, wild flowers, woods, streams, spring houses and local history; scouts following small animal footprints; and riders taking the hills and trotting alongside creeks and fields. This scenic trail system and its natural sites benefit all BTA members by adding immeasurable quality to the enjoyment of life in this community.

Except where noted all photos on this site are created by Jan Goren