Bridlewild Trails Association

Levels of MembershipTrail

  • $35.00 - Basic Family Membership
  • $50.00   - Friends
  • $100.00 - Partners
  • $250.00 - Sustainers
  • $500.00 - Trailblazers
  • Other

Benefits of membership include guided trail hikes, our waterproof trail map, quarterly newsletters, email hike reminders, and our annual meeting. Members will also have the satisfaction of helping to promote our purpose; to maintain and preserve these very special trails which exist right in our own community.

Please note that many of the Bridlewild Trails traverse private property and are not marked out of respect for trail owners' privacy. We suggest new members take our guided trail hikes to learn the trails as the map alone may not be sufficient to locate the trails. Our guided walks are offered throughout the year and several are listed in each issue of our newsletter.

If you would like to join the Bridlewild Trails Association, please print, complete and send in the form together with your check payable to Bridlewild Trails Association (or BTA) to:

Bridlewild Trails Association, Inc.
PO Box 368
Gladwyne, PA 19035